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Speculation in foreign exchange sometimes have to know how to give up

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  As a f best forex rebateancial investor, you must have experienced losses rebatesinforex refused to admit defeat and leave the field, the country used the very image of the word eye to describe th rebateinforextrading state of hedging; in the face of hedging we, how should we go about disposing of it?  Perhaps in many celebrity biographies, they often mention the secret of their success is, will always add persistence is the victory of the immutable words; indeed, in all kinds of industries, persistence is often your resilience and perseverance of performance, more a persistent more a possibility of success, bestforexrebate in the field of foreign exchange margin investment, sometimes, learn to cashback forex rebatemeaninginforex is also a good choice In the field of economics, there is a famous When you find yourself speculating in foreign exchange margin investment, has become a sunk cost, but you are trying to recover the original cost, so for this reason and keep adding money to the investment, which will undoubtedly bring your money to a disastrous scene, so at this time you have to learn to stop giving up just as do not spill the The milk and cry like that, futile hurt feelings, powerless capital call is not your killer app to turn the tide, after all, the momentum has gone moreover foreign exchange margin trading is based on the principle of leverage to operate, as long as you pay a certain percentage of the transaction margin, you can buy and sell a certain financing multiples of 100,000, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of foreign exchange The world is often easier said than done, due to the desire to The idea of recovering costs, many people tend to be in the possibility of profit and loss in the choice of the former eventually close to the former, so give up simply will not appear in the scope of consideration, after all, this not only involves a profit and loss of funds, but also contains the investor needs to have the courage to bear the psychological gap caused by the various changes that occur in the market, so that the choice to give up must be prepared psychologically Some Sometimes, after you close a position in a currency pair and leave the market, you find that the currency pair then comes out of a good wave in the direction of your original position, at this time, you will often first feel regretful, regret that you should not leave the market, but you forget that when you leave the market, the market is also very likely to make you lose money in another direction, at that time you will have a kind of So learn to give up is to do foreign exchange margin must learn the same thing, but also a test of human nature Of course, here the said give up, does not mean really give up investing in foreign exchange margin, but a retreat for the higher strategy, which requires not a moment of anger, but needs a kind of courage to fight human nature, which is derived from your detailed in-depth study of the market, but also Only on the basis of learning to give up, your overall stable profit is possible to achieve

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