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Speculation in foreign exchange system of five elements

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As rebatesinforex the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, speculation in bestforexrebate cashback forex there are five related elements, in our development of speculative foreign exchange strategy requires some effort to study 1 speculative foreign exchange potential The so-called potential, best forex rebate the trend, the direction of the rebatemeaninginforex, to use the words of LIVERMORE, I do not want to use the "bull market " or "bear market" to describe the market, but with the upward trend or downward trend, so a little less emotional, more objective potential research rebateinforextrading judgment, mainly look at the combination of K-line pattern, the average line "slope" "distance" "divergence" "crossover" "bond" "counter pressure " 2 speculation of foreign exchange time, is to decide the time to open a position, the time to add a position, the time to close the position, mainly according to the operating cycle of each person to decide, if it is a medium-term trader, look at the daily and weekly chart trading, then the time to open a position is the previous day after the K-line close, the time to add a position is the previous week after the K-line close, close the position and open the same, to strictly comply with the Time guidelines, can not be interfered with their own operations by the fluctuations in the plate 3 speculation of foreign exchange thing thing, is the international and domestic events, important things, to be mindful of the world to "keep up with the times" the state of the market, hot spots, the participants of the hot spots are constantly have to change with the macro situation in April 06 G7 meeting on for The importance of "things" gives a perfect example of the central banks meeting decisions, various reports, international conferences, the situation in the Middle East, the nuclear issue, terrorist attacks are all issues that we should pay attention to these things are often the market breakthrough consolidation range "East Wind" 4 speculative foreign exchange The price of the potential in a clear, determined when there is an "east wind", the next closely related to the operation is the price level is determined each investor has their own customary rules of entry and stop loss rules, with good results, no uniform rules, suitable for their own is the best of which is to find the key point is a more important part of the. Some integer gates, such as the British pounds, etc., some transactions of dense areas, such as the recent 1.96 pre-high and low points, such as 1.915 and 1.86, etc. are worthy of our attention 5 fried foreign exchange position The last thing before the limit price single is still left to determine the position of the problem how much money you intend to use to participate in the current round of the market, open positions, increase positions, close positions and how to allocate; each single The maximum stop loss amount is how much, the maximum loss amount of the market and how much; if there is profit, profit how to deal with, the end of the market after the arrangement of funds; intend to do several varieties, the distribution of funds between the various varieties, etc., are we should be prepared in advance  

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