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The basic operation process of speculation in foreign exchange

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rebatemeaninginforex rebateinforextrading foreign exchange, mastering good speculation bestforexrebate process to your speculation in foreign exchange help a lot, many successful investors are in speculation in foreign exchange before these basic operation process best forex rebate very skilled master 1. first to distinguish the current market is more is empty, the method is very simple, like to use MA, MA above only do more, MA under only do empty; I usually use cashback forexs, four fractals to establish The direction with other indicators also works, the key is simple, smooth speculation how to make money expert free guidance bank gold rebatesinforex silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation trading software set gold number desktop line price tool 2 consolidation and trend I use fractal high and low points whether overlap to distinguish, so as to establish the operation strategy consolidation and trend operation is absolutely different 3 time level to establish the operation time level, general analysis of three levels, but also do not have to Excessive constraint, personal habits are best, but the best time fractal layers are multiples, so as to facilitate the use of multi-layer fractal analysis 4 stop loss according to the fractal to establish a stop loss, according to the stop loss to establish the size of the cabin key is to clarify how much they can lose this time the maximum, otherwise I am afraid that they can not take a single 5 entry point small level selection point into the field, the idea is similar to ‘triple wet net', large smooth - inverse - small smooth 6 add positions Reduced prices move as expected, you can reduce positions at the former fractal; retracement support fractal is established then add positions the key is not too dense, at least to pull out a trading wavelength and then add in addition, add a stop loss can not hurt the whole position, the same conditions of different compartments vary greatly 7 wait to dry out the dry, the rest is to wait, patience trend is often longer than our patience!  8 out if the market is not right, immediately stop loss, looking for the next opportunity!

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