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The correct profitable trading ideas homeopathy averaging suitable for their own methods

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a persons thinking best forex rebate rebateinforex rebatemeaninginforex clear, that whether it is the stock rebatesinforex or the futures market, that the money you earn is likely to be brought about by chance luck so bestforexrebate feel that as an investor, in the market alone in one or two transactions to earn money loss is really meaningless, I let him earn money, he does not have his own trading ability So the securities market investors to enter the investment market before, first of all, may solve a basic trading ideas problem for the trading ideas of the trader, in fact, he is already a trading style is very well formed, when to enter the field, into the field after the wrong, may not even blink, two minutes later to exit the field, the hold no matter how high the price he will In fact, the market trading from my own understanding, should be a more complex system of dynamic process trading forecast is only a part of the overall trading so trading ideas actually involves various aspects of the problem from a basic understanding of the market, what kind of market you hold in your eyes, cashback forex market There is no law, where this law, when there is an opportunity, you need to have such a set of things after you have this set of ideas, the mind has this set of knowledge to prepare after you look at the market, you may be able to find your trading opportunities, and then the whole process should be, I feel that the whole process of trading should not be missing a ring that I specifically talk about the theoretical model of investment, tools, in fact, is the market view To the methodological evidence of something market view is the trend of market fluctuations, chance has the inevitability of such a basic understanding, which is the market view first of all, the methodology is in this trend market, that is, the same do trend market, the two traders may you also clockwise trading, I also clockwise trading, but we enter the position is not the same, we hold a profitable position for the same time successful trading on The cognition of the market, the cognition of the trend may have something universal, each successful trader can not go against the results of the market will certainly not be successful, but the grasp of the trend, between individual traders can have a personalized component he can not find from the randomness of the market can be traded relative to the opportunity, or a certain regularity, so that the use of it to make money so as an investors The basic attitude of an investor, should first consider which opportunities I can grasp, which opportunities I can not grasp if this problem is not clearly defined, of course, this problem is difficult to define, no experience in the market you can not define, how to enter the market before there is a definition is very difficult, but difficult to solve, can not solve how you do trading it? You base the transaction on a very fragile basis, the probability of success of this transaction is very, very low homeopathic trading in general, futures trading is homeopathic trading is certainly the first, the basis of homeopathic trading, one is the key point breakthrough method, a period of time the market highs and lows breakthrough, you go in, because this is generally the case, the market if the price trend breakthrough for several months in a row If the price trend has broken through several months of highs or lows, often this market trend will continue, the probability of this will be relatively high 55-day average method this one is a mode of entry, the second, is my own personal 55-day average trading method, this how to use it, the first or determine the overall trend of the market is up or down, this trend up and down to determine, then which day I go in? That principle is the long market can not be short, short time can not do more, if the market is now long market, that the market price angle after the pullback, we do not operate, I do not move, I look at it, if it falls below the 55-day SMA, then I do not go short, one day will stop, stop the 55-day SMA, I feel that this transaction, once the success rate of return is also very very high to find a suitable So I think as an investor, you first of all to have an understanding of the market trend, the second, your homeopathic trading, you also have to have a corresponding set of quantitative trading models, trading tools you have this market trend, there is a quantitative trading model, in fact, to limit the problem of your kind of indiscriminate speculation because the model signal is not there, you can not operate, that model signal certainly So every investor should first establish a set of trend trading a set of theories and trading models, you can also summarize some of their own regular features, there is a certain situation I then enter the market, which will be the market understanding and the problem of entering the market solved solve this, what should investors do? Perhaps waiting for trading opportunities in your mind, there is a market trading model, you can be distinguished what is a trading opportunity, what is not a trading opportunity you look at the plate, you look at you can see the trading opportunities to? Trading opportunities is first of all a standard issue in the mind, there is no standard, in fact, in your eyes, the market today this and tomorrow that is no difference so there is this set of theoretical tools model, and then investors should also be clear, what is their own trading opportunities, what is the trading opportunities of others time stop loss but we may also be able to refer to, so do not necessarily wait until that price time stop loss, the principle is also The same, like futures trading this kind of risky trading, in fact, may be relatively high requirements for investors want to successfully trade, I most hope when the most hope of the situation is what? If the market does not give me an immediate return, I always feel that I do not want to stay in this transaction, I do not want to participate in the market consolidation, I do not want to adjust because once the leverage, futures, a casual adjustment down, you can not stand, after the position is large, you do not say hundreds of points adjustment, or dozens of points you can not stand, so I simply do not want to adjust from the bottom of my heart I would rather miss the market, such as the profits on hand, a single up 50 points or 80 points or, if there is a return to the situation, I will run, run after I go back in, if I can not get into the okay, I will wait for new opportunities, do not participate in the market adjustment so this is also my personal point of view, do not participate in the adjustment, do not participate in the consolidation of the front is the overall investment trading aspects, from the entry, to Risk management, to the processing of winning positions, and the processing of losing transactions, is probably the process of trading inside then the second problem, is that you know such a basic trading road, there is actually a knowledge of the unity of things, knowledge of the unity of things may still be difficult things, trading in a way people say is a psychological game, this is also reasonable I want to do futures to make an analogy, do Why is it difficult to do futures? If you give you a certain balance beam on the ground, very narrow, you may walk back and forth on it no problem if the balance beam up to 50 meters high, let you walk from this end to that end, you may not be able to climb over, let alone walk Do you say you can not walk? Of course not, in fact, your psychology has completely controlled your thinking and behavior to do futures may be difficult here, because you are facing the temptation of the market, facing the market crash fear, panic or, you face the market back and forth of chance, today to adjust upward, tomorrow to adjust downward, your psychological pressure is very big So this capricious market inside, you want to maintain A rational pattern of behavior, the time to enter the field, the risk control on the risk control, three consecutive losses of money, this time is still not smooth, not so easy so the whole futures trading in the rationalization of behavior, in fact, is an important guarantee of successful trading, but this thing is very, very difficult like I just said flat horizontal wood of a thing, so many investors, futures traders. It may be because of psychological factors, of course, the one I talked about earlier, the overall process of the whole transaction this piece, there may be a lack of research, perhaps a certain amount of research, but the actual operation can not do, the entry dare not enter, he also dare not hold, the control of risk when he may not control, because of a variety of reasons, the futures market trading inside anything can happen, so many The behavior of speculators is in fact erratic, and there is not a stable and relatively rational behavior pattern, which causes investors psychological. The behavior is unstable, and the overall trading ideas are not completely consistent, so this leads to their trading results and investment fate, to some extent, once they enter the market may determine his fate of failure, so investors, it should probably be said that truly mature investors should have some obvious, clear trading routines, style, and his behavior, such as I have a friend trading, I I dont even have to look at his bill, I also have to do transactions every day, but if a market appears a particular situation, because I am very familiar with him, I know he will do, if it is done after making money, he will not close his position, and then to a certain point, the market remains unchanged, cut the position and how, in fact, this kind of peoples behavior pattern has somehow been relatively mature and stable, most people I cant predict the behavior of the majority of people, they are a little while this, a little while that, suddenly came up with any ideas, really not very clear For example, this friend did very well, the domestic should be the first-class excellent manipulation expert, he did soybean oil trading inside, he this big trend inside, this is a real trading bill, he is actually not at all like the general imagination, the trend market, from the bottom to take all the time to buy, buy to 14,000, he may earn a little on the run, but this persons account from last year to now has doubled ten times this day to buy gold, we also buy gold, he also bought, I later look at his bill he also bought gold, and then it, wait for us to buy gold after, that night fell 30 yuan, and then I look, I said he ran, may be his trading, a time of opening, the first day of trading on the loss, the result he did, later look at his trading, really this point ran, mature traders, his behavior is predictable not because of the loss of money I wait, he certainly will not wait because he may have previously tasted the taste of waiting is not good, so he felt that it is better to hurry up and go, even if the gold later rose very high, that is later, but I am not going to participate in the adjustment, I I will not wait for you to adjust the market, I directly wait for it to come back, this transaction bye bye originally because according to normal circumstances, the day before the breakthrough went up, if it went up directly up, then I definitely want to be here, will not go, but if it does not go up, even if the transaction failed, the transaction failed does not mean that your final judgment of the market is wrong and the pattern is not good, but from your From the point of view of the overall risk of trading and the safety of the account, this trade ends here

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