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The difference between London gold and other investment products

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No matter how the price of rebateinforextrading changes, because of its intrinsic value rebatemeaninginforex relatively high best forex rebate has a certain preservation and strong ability to realize from a long-term perspective, with the role of inflation; property from a long-term perspective, has a great practicality, if the timing of purchase, price and cashback forexa is more reasonable, also has the potential for appreciation; and savings corresponding to a variety of immediate needs most convenient; stocks The advantages and roles of these rebatesinforexs are determined by various purposes, financial resources and investment knowledge. The difference between bestforexrebate gold investment and stock investment is that ① London gold investment only requires margin investment in trading, which can be small to large ② London gold investment can be traded 24 hours a day, while stocks are traded for a limited period of time ③ London gold investment has the opportunity to profit regardless of the price rise or fall, the profit ratio is unlimited and the loss amount can be ④London gold investment is influenced by the global economy and will not be artificially controlled by the London gold trading platform, while stocks are easily controlled by people ⑤Stock investment trading needs to choose from many stocks, London gold investment trading only needs to specialize in research and analysis of a project, saving more time and energy ⑥London gold investment trading does not need to pay any taxes and fees, while stocks need to pay stamp duty The difference between London gold investment and futures investment Gold futures contracts and forward contracts are different First of all, gold futures is a standard contract for buying and selling, for both buyers and sellers must comply, while forward contracts are generally agreed upon by buyers and sellers according to the needs of the contract, the content of the forward contracts in gold color grade, delivery rules are different; Secondly, the futures contract transfer is more Convenient, can be bought and sold according to the market price, while the forward contract transfer is more difficult, unless a third party is willing to accept the contract, otherwise it can not be transferred; again, futures contracts are mostly closed before expiry, there is a certain speculative and investment value, the price is also fluctuating, London gold and forward contracts generally expire after delivery of physical Finally, gold futures trading is carried out in a fixed exchange, while forward transactions Generally carried out over-the-counter

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