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The dry goods! Small tricks to solve the problem of trading entry tolerance

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the best bestforexrebate that cashback forex soon be profitable, but often rebatesinforex are difficult to do every entry that can be profitable, because the market is always go best forex rebateg to be very abrasive torture you do not want, today I will talk about how to use a little strategy tips to solve the problem of entry tolerance before each entry, we must first consider our stop loss size rebatemeaninginforex take profit target, the market will not be as we The expected direction of our expectations, so our entry is a trial and error process, in order to reduce the cost of our trial and error, we may wish to use a one-time entry/exit strategy to establish a position needs to be stable and accurate, if you can not reach that realm, or honestly buy in batches good some one-time to establish a position if the market can not be that out of the expected market, which appears passive, although the batch buy in haze day that out of the expected market The expected market situation is a loss point but the relative market is always as the Dow Theory says the characteristics of the zigzag trend, the use of batching to build a position is a flexible strategy, the benefits of more split entry strategy how to do: If you bear the maximum stop loss is rebateinforextrading.1 hand 30 points  30 dollars   When an entry point stop loss More than you bear 30 dollars stop loss space also or not very sure, then we can take a batch entry, such as 0.05, 0.03, 0.02 decreasing to complete the initial position, the overall stop loss control in principle 30 dollars, the following I use a head and shoulders bottom of the reversal pattern trading as a case: the figure is a typical head and shoulders top reversal pattern, in the area of the right shoulder is not yet known whether the price will Break through the neckline to confirm the formation of the reversal of the head and shoulders bottom, but in this entry to do more will cost less, just will be more aggressive, then we can take in the right shoulder is expected to appear a positive bullish signal formation entry 0.05 lots, stop loss in the right shoulder price area under the lowest point a little, when let the price break through the neckline to establish the head and shoulders bottom pattern we then buy 0.03 lots, wait for the breakthrough neckline price if back on the neckline to confirm support we then enter 0.02 lots, stop loss or the lowest price in the right shoulder area, so that we batch 3 times to establish the end of the opening 0.1 lots the advantage of doing so is that if the right shoulder failure sweep loss 0.05 lots only, if you establish 0.1 lots in the right shoulder then the loss will be large half, in the breakthrough point and back to the point of entry will be a comprehensive reduction in the cost of our 3 times to open a position I am using a breakthrough signal to open a position Do case illustration: the chart has a positive line to open the upside, we can break out in the positive line to enter 0.05 lots, stop loss at the strong support line, when the price did not go up directly, contact retracement we can build a position in the retracement of the K line in batches of 0.03 lots, after the first positive line after the negative fall and then enter 0.02 lots so that we fill positions in the retracement of the market to reduce the overall cost, stop loss is still the overall Control in the principle of 0.1 hand 30 U.S. dollars later out of the market, encounter may appear midway some can not sustain the rise of the signal we can take a batch of position reduction, in order to preserve profits or not hurt the principal of the above sub-position opening and sub-position selling tips trading strategy can be based on their own stop-loss and take-profit principle combined with the specific market flexible allocation of their entry / exit point and lot size, compared to a one-time The benefits of establishing a position are obvious Well, what questions or do not understand can floor reply, discuss together, perhaps further optimize this tip

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