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The experience of the futures investment champion who blew a position

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Profitable best forex rebate trad rebateinforextradingg rebatemeaninginforex a reward for character merit The arduous journey of a professional futures man The futures market often unfolds in extreme forms, which predestines successful futures investors to also often have different from the usual ups rebatesinforex downs experience bestforexrebate cashback forex, 37 years old, a native of Pinghu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, specializing in money management and portfolio investment, in the just concluded China Financial Investment 2008-2009 Futures However, in his 10-year-long futures investment career, he was deeply impressed by two burst positions. I started doing stocks in 1993, and because I didnt know how to stop loss, I was left with only 5,000 yuan in my account in 1998, which was almost a burst position. He embarked on a bumpy road of professional futures investment In order to earn back the money lost on the stock, at first, Zhou Wei was holding the idea of a last ditch effort, borrowed 25,000 yuan from a friend to make up 30,000, from March 1998 to start speculating futures at the time, I said to myself, the maximum loss of 5,000 yuan, account funds below 25,000 will not do it Zhou Wei recalled Fortunately, Zhou Wei was more successful at the beginning Because there were not many varieties of futures at the time, he targeted his investment in Zhengzhou mung beans, a small commodity, and precisely because of this, the national market capital is also concentrated in this speculative species, making the mung bean market volatility is relatively large do not know whether it is the right method, or good luck, just into the futures market, Zhou Wei will be in the mung beans on a hard money, to early 1999 when the account capital equity has more than 100,000 However, the good times did not last long, by the end of 1999, mung bean futures were stopped trading, the market is active only copper and soybeans (information, quotes) Zhou Wei only had to focus on soybeans, but different from the mung beans, soybean market fluctuations are small, easily affected by foreign markets, the gap is also far more than the mung beans, used to heavy trend stop-loss trading Zhou Wei feel much worse than before to When the World Cup in 2002, his account on the equity only a few million yuan then the situation is even worse, the second half of 2002, Zhou Wei saw a notice issued by the big business, feeling that it should be a short, the next day soybeans did open low, he did not think much about my original more than a single closed and backhanded repositioning short, this empty but almost empty to the lowest point, the results of soybeans soon turned around and went up. Three days later, Zhou Wei ushered in the second blowout The second blowout, I have no money to do futures, and do not want to go back to friends to borrow, had to come out to find work to do Zhou Wei confessed to reporters, but happy that before the age of 30, the investment market traders often make mistakes, I have almost all experienced Outside work is bland and boring, futures are like a huge magnet, has been attracted to him free at night When the software will often open to see the market, income is not high, only try to save money, want to save a little more money heart still in the futures, I know sooner or later to come back to the Zhou Wei said Finally to the 2004 Olympic Games, after working outside for 2 years Zhou Wei quit his job, with the money saved 25,000 yuan back to the market, and restarted futures trading due to the two violent position experience, Zhou Wei on the futures market has a more profound In the following 5 years, he grew with an average monthly return of 10% and an average annual return of 100-150%. The futures philosophy: 1, strength, courage and guts, successful traders need to have these qualities first, willing to bear the risk; second, have the courage to admit their mistakes; third, must be able to get rid of the impact of mood swings, can not let the previous defeat affect future trading, otherwise it will repeat the same mistake each sale is acting on its own, without interference with each other, once it is over, leaving aside the failure to Reorganize, this is not a learned ability, but a strong nature 2, from the standpoint of knowledge, futures trading is a big school; from the standpoint of the standing product, futures trading is a melting pot futures market is full of dynamic, ever-changing, the test of the buyer and seller of human nature, the temperament of character, the kind of high temperature and pressure, I believe no industry can compare to choose the time to enter the market, the need to capture patiently, not to be impatient;. The expansion of the war results, all rely on the courage, can not be afraid; timely settlement of profits, know the foot to do, too greedy will be wrong; see the wrong recognition of compensation, all based on the opportunity to decide, never allowed to suffer from loss; small repeated to hold, relying on the firm is not wavering, etc. In a sense, futures trading profits, is the reward for the merits of our character; conversely, losses are the punishment for our human weaknesses

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