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Using XM Satellite Radio Devices

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The major record companies are suing XM Satellite Radio, alleging that it illegally licensed music to subscribers. The companies are seeking a $150,000 damages for each song copied by XM users. According to reports, the suit was filed Tuesday, January 29. It names Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group as plaintiffs.

XM offers a variety of music services. These include 150 commercial-free music channels and a selection of news, sports and entertainment channels. Some of the channels are in 5.1 surround sound and can be listened to through connected speakers. Users can also control SiriusXM with voice commands. However, there are some limitations. In order to use the service, you must have an XM antenna and a device compatible with XM.

One solution is to use a device called an XM Direct. It is a receiver designed for satellite-ready car stereos. A simple adapter cable can be used to connect it to a computer. You can use the XM Direct to receive satellite radio in your home, office, or garage.

Another option is to use a device known as an XM Passport. This is a complete satellite radio tuner that can be plugged into an external docking station or into a $30 car docking kit. An XM Passport will provide 25 hours of XM programming. There are also neXus devices available, including the Samsung neXus 50 and the Helix. Each of these devices has a similar design to the neXus, but do not have built-in satellite reception capabilities.

An XM device must be powered up to start the initialization process. This can take several minutes. When the device is ready to go, the LED lights green.

After the initialization is completed, you can use the VNC or ssh to log on to the device. It is best to be prepared for this process. Make sure you have the XM device ready to connect, its USB memory ready, and any data that you want to save before you begin the process. If you need help, contact the XM company or a reseller.

During the initialization process, a series of automatic reboots are performed. If you experience a halt in the process, you should wait at least five to 20 minutes to resume the XM device. During the reboot, the device"s LED lights may flash yellow.

Once the XM device is fully updated, you can safely log on to it. Depending on your operating system, you can expect the process to take 3-5 minutes.

The Ubiquiti NanoStation XM device has a WAN configuration bug. The company will release a patch for the device on Wednesday night. Until the fix is released, the NanoStation cannot be used with a WAN.

To get your XM device up and running again, you can use a recovery program. The program can be downloaded from an FTP site. First, insert the USB memory to your XM device. Next, run the program. Upon completion, the program will return to the XM device setup interface.

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