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The lazy man forex trading rule let the market run itself

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 When we mention "lazy man", we usually th rebatemeaninginforexk of a person lying at home, watching TV, eating chips, drinking beer No one may associate "lazy man" with wealth But in my opinion, the over-emphas bestforexrebate on work is probably just work for works sake. The so-called Lazy Traders Rule of Forex Trading is just to make sure that you rebatesinforex cashback forex relaxed when rebateinforextrading, best forex rebate not in a mindset of pushing yourself The Lazy Traders Rule of Forex Trading - Lazy Traders Dont Stare at Charts All the Time / The Best Traders They dont analyze the forex market or watch their charts all the time They know they cant change the forex market, so they just set price levels for their orders and then check them regularly, easy and stress-free They dont check them over and over again at night and refuse to trade addictively, which in my opinion is the smart thing to do To be a good trader, eliminate the "feeling "This kind of thing can do nothing but make you do stupider things, this feeling is useless especially after you get into trading, you dont need to sit in front of your computer every moment, you just need to get away from your computer and let the trade go free Forex Trading Laws - Lazy Traders Have Bigger Winners / You set up the trade and then look at the 4 hour or one hour charts from time to time If in the process you find that the forex market is going against your wishes, you stop your order immediately and then so on and so forth until you lose all your money to the forex market Lazy traders dont sit in front of the screen all the time, so they eliminate most of the temptations that interfere with their trading and this therefore brings greater likelihood of winning orders and a higher wind-reward ratio because their orders are not affected by short-term price fluctuations lazy people stay away from the computer and enjoy life, obsessive traders are addicted to trading and worry too much about their positions, so which do you think is more likely to lead to stupid trades?  Forex trading laws - lazy traders work and rest regularly, obsessive traders are sleep deprived / lazy traders are calm about trading and let the forex market run itself, only to wake up in the morning and turn on the computer to check the overnight prices and then go on about their business while obsessive traders are addicted to coffee, leading to sleep deprivation. The more you sit there for a long time, the more you overthink, the more likely you are to make mistakes Forex trading rules - lazy traders have confidence in their own abilities/pressure themselves to use too much money, which will naturally lead you to do stupid things like increase your The leverage and overtrading obsessive trading style is likely to undermine your confidence as a trader and leave you frustrated while lazy traders are more likely to rely on their "gut feeling" and trade what they see and move on rather than sit there and wait for different combinations of what could happen  Forex Trading Rules - Lazy Traders Develop Positive Trading Habits / Lazy traders dont overthink, dont worry about news events or media coverage, but rather trade the obvious, and such a minimalist approach to trading will produce positive trading habits Often, traders who become increasingly serious and obsessed usually Develop addictive and self-destructive personalities, or they already had these personalities when they started trading, but they are unwilling to change They believe they can change the outcome by putting their all into the forex market, but often it is not what they want Forex Trading Laws - The Key to Lazy Trading/ Simply put, you have to not really care about the outcome of any one trade, but you have to remove yourself from the itch for the time you really dont care is to make sure you can fully utilize the money you risk with each trade and the amount you risk in your trading account you just have to set up a trade and let yourself forget about it

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