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The most important traits to become a top trader do you have them

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What rebate rebatesinforexforex rebatemeaninginforex the most important talent to become a top trader? Tenacity? Focus? Daring? Patience? The most important thing is to have a good underst best forex rebateing of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation and to have a good understanding of the situation. But investment trading is not the same whether it is stocks, futures, or other areas of investment trading, there is no other industry bestforexrebate kind of continuous, steady increase in income back according to authoritative preliminary estimates, at least 80% of people in the investment field, the final outcome is a loss that is to say, investment trading, only the top part of the pyramid of the group of people can achieve sustained and stable profits so that Want to survive in t cashback forex industry, to maintain a stable life, to achieve freedom of wealth, not only need to work hard, but also must climb to the top of the investment industry food chain and want to climb to the top, need traders with certain natural endowments - those born, in the process of growing up constantly reinforced traits, in trading, will play a decisive role So, the harsh reality is that not everyone, are able to Doing well in investment trading over the years, the top traders on the endowment analysis of numerous articles according to a famous academic newspaper in the United States research summary, including but not limited to interest, belief, resourcefulness, perseverance, focus, learning, discipline, etc. Forex Bang   >    nbsp;forex trading experience tips, what traits play a decisive role? We have observed interviews with many traders, successful failures, junior top, study and judge the history of the development of many foreign investment masters, reference to a lot of trading articles, and finally, a general assessment of the various stages of the trader traits: 01 insight insight is a gift, meaning the ability to glimpse the essence and the essence of the state of affairs from the chaos once had a friend talked about his experience he entered the trading After entering the field, he was first attracted by the information research, after a long period of information research and development he found certain confusion, and then began to study technical analysis after he studied the short term trading, began to study the movement of the main capital his friends around him advised him to do things to focus on, to a certain method thoroughly eat, do not go back and forth but he could not ignore the problems he found, he could not put the doubts he saw He kept thinking, and finally, from his experience, he distilled his own views: all the analysis and research methods, can not determine the market trend, all methods are looking for a trial and error reason, the method has no advantages and disadvantages then, he embarked on another path insight, in the early stages of trading, is the most important ability of the trader investment trading itself is extremely low threshold, the participation of all kinds of groups, research methods Most people are looking for that legendary Holy Grail, are eager to get rich quickly, are eager to be able to a move to control the enemy someone in pursuit of comprehensive information, there are people in pursuit of accurate forecasts, someone in pursuit of the motives of the main force, there are people studying the five elements of gossip, Zhou Yi astrology … for a trader who has just entered the investment industry, the best experience, is to all the research that exists in the market The best experience for a trader who is new to the investment industry is to understand all the research methods that exist in the market and experience them all over again, gain insight into their appearance, insight into their essence and finally, in the many brutal truths, distill the essence and integrate their own system only then can they stand out from it and move on otherwise they will be lost in the complex illusion of the market and go with the flow, unable to get out of 02 patterns When traders have formed their own system with difficulty, can they stand in a large The most important ability at this stage of the investment market, the interests of frequent and intense fluctuations, so the temptation will be everywhere someone can achieve huge profits in a short period of time, someone can be in a period of time the capital curve straight up without retraction, and traders work hard to create a trading system, at this stage, may be overwhelmingly difficult, according to the rules of trading everywhere by stop loss, according to the system to do a single Long time not profitable … So, it is easy to get lost many people can not hold on, fade out of the market stage; many people are tortured no longer firm, began to blindly pursue the holy grail of trading want to pass this stage, need traders out of the immediate predicament, stand in a higher perspective to see the investment we seek, in the end is a stage overall victory, or the immediate short-lived joy? We are looking for, in the end, is the output of a long-term sustainable and stable results, or just to show a momentary sharpness? In other words, is the immediate loss, a mistake, or a cost that must be paid? The profit of others, is it luck, or the market happens to be in his advantageous period? Ive seen an investor before who has developed a very good trading model, but as soon as the curve slightly retracted, or people around him slightly realized exaggerated profits, immediately began to anxiety, often abandoning the position to go after those who seem to be better methods authorities, the onlooker only stand in a higher perspective, to objectively judge their own system, their own temptation, the Only when the next stage, the power of focus occupies a very important place because at this time, the trader has basically determined that his own system is his own powerful weapon to the end he also basically understands that investment trading, the last enemy is himself, because the external He will focus on dissecting his own heart, analyzing his own thinking patterns, behavior habits, his own trading system, and the most real himself constantly grinding, and finally, generate that set of trading system with the imprint of his own soul in this process In this process, his trading style will become more and more pure, more and more direct, more and more simple simple to outsiders incomprehensible from now on, learn from its life, like its death 04 tough when a traders trading concept, has been deeply integrated into its blood, an opening, a flat, a move, are around his thinking pattern, his trading cognition when the next stage, the most important quality, is toughness any kind of trading system, are not Perfect because investment trading, which is risky trading first to take the risk, in order to get the benefit of the stock market will collapse, the futures market will be silent set of trading system, in the change of bulls and bears, long-short conversion, is bound to be impacted by continuous losses, ups and downs when a long time not profitable, it is difficult to see the light of day, many people will collapse, will give up, will exit the market, exit the stage top traders are deeply understood They know that these hardships are the path to success. The top traders understand that it is important to embrace the adversity that others fear, to endure the pain that others cannot endure, and to bear the loneliness that others cannot. The top traders understand that embracing others fear of adversity, enduring others unbearable pain, suffering others unbearable loneliness, in order to have the opportunity to enjoy all that others can not enjoy 05 beliefs When a trader, through the test of life and death, began to step into the path of profitability next, whether to grow stronger, continuous output of his advantage, the test is the beliefs he has on his own, from the beginning of the entry level, step by step to todays formation of trading concepts, trading beliefs, whether they have enough confidence, even confident to a little Paranoia? If a trader has a strong belief in the success of his own system, convinced that he has overcome a thousand obstacles and constructed a trading system is the most suitable for their own methods, then in his eyes, money becomes a number, profit and loss is the proportion, the mind is calm and stable, the transaction continues to be stable with absolute conviction, no hardship can not let it collapse, no temptation can not shake his foundation he knows that the market There is no myth, there is no born trader, there is only step by step through the trials and tribulations of the warrior, there is only the implementation of a lifetime of perseverance and faith regardless of the domestic and foreign investment field, have repeatedly discussed a problem: what is the most important trading? Is it stop loss? Trend? Mindset? System? Or luck?  Forex Life, the feeling will be different some traders, may feel that the stop loss or stop gain and other specific measures are the most important some traders, may feel that trading rules or luck is the most important The answer is very normal because only in a specific environment, in order to know their own lack of parts, in order to know their own trading cognition in the weakest part of the current, in order to deeply feel their current trading system, where there are loopholes So, solve it is urgent, so its importance will be more prominent Wang Shi said in a speech: in the longer term, you are anxious about the immediate When the trader solves the immediate dilemma, it becomes part of his perception, it is no longer important until the next dilemma, then, for him, the most important thing in the transaction will change but it is indisputable that investment transactions want to achieve ultimate success, the stop loss, trend, mentality, system, luck and other factors Therefore, what is the most important talent to become a top trader? Insight, pattern, focus, tenacity, belief are all very important but, most importantly, it depends on what stage he is in, what predicament he is in, and the trait that allows him to break out and move to the top is the most important talent Source: Apocalypse Trading Team

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