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The opportunist - Tony Siriba

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Tony Siriba rebatesinforex t rebatemeaninginforex Chicago options bestforexrebate speculative geek, he started with noth rebateinforextradingg, good at grasping the opportunity to profit, most of the profits from the two or three times the surge best forex rebate plunge of the market, can be said to be an opportunist, but also can be a long-term stability to win, has a record of 70 consecutive months of monthly profits In 1978, Cyril Barr entered the Chicago options market and worked as a clerk for six months before a former boss who had hired him had a seat on the exchange and, because he had high blood pressure and could not stand the stimulation, gave him $50,000 to help Cyril Barr. In fact, Celeba would only one move at cashback forex time: buying call options (Calloption) and put options (Putoption) at the same time, in a highly volatile market, this move is very effective, but in the market trend turned bullish, the range of up and down reduced The dark days finally arrived in June 1979, within six weeks, Celeba had $75,000 in hand quickly lost only $15,000, the victory was defeated he was several times want to kill himself, think his life is finished, the first thought is to change careers, his father had a friend opened several restaurants, so he could go to the manager at any time fortunately, but finally He called the man and said he would give him another month to think about it, not to help him run the restaurant investment to his boss called him every night, and finally he decided that if Cyril Barr lost another $5, he would withdraw his investment. During this time, Cyril Barr learned from his mistakes and sought advice from several experienced field traders, and had some insights, summarized the following conclusions: First, must be disciplined Second, must Third, do not be greedy do not rush to make a fortune, earn $ 300 a day, a year down is 75,000 The above-mentioned operational guidelines, like a light in the dark, in the case of low-risk, painstaking and careful operation, so that Celebas bleak future, the dawn of light in a considerable period of time, Celeba each transaction to earn only 1/4, or even 1/8 of the price jump, on the satisfaction of a single A single to do, the daily struggle for $ 300, to reach the goal that the hand, not dare to be overly greedy so down he learned to abide by the principles and control risk At first many people in the exchange looked down on him, suspected him of doing too little to get in the way, but over time found that he was very profitable, have their own set of single method, gradually changed his view of Celebas boss behind the scenes also gave him a boost, let him increase the amount of single With increasing technical progress and confidence, he became bigger and bigger, and soon became a large account in 1982, there was a time when there were more than 200,000 dollars a day, the futures exchange staff saw the statement, but also dazzled his original plan was to retire before the age of 30 to earn a million dollars, the result was less than 25 years old to earn more than 1 million dollars May 5, 1985, his 30th birthday But within four months, feeling that life was too uninteresting and that options were too attractive to Siriba, he left it and didnt know what to do. Siriba felt that a great opportunity was just around the corner and bought a large number of puts, and for insurance purposes, bought unpriced calls (OutofMoneyCalls) on Friday, October 16, when the market dropped sharply, not forgetting to be prudent in speculation that day and sold them in one fell swoop for $422,000 even with an exchange seat, and then bought them back the next day for $275,000 on October 19, when the market closed on Black Monday, still Hold 95% of the put options, Cyrba expected the stock market volatility will continue to maintain a high level, the short-selling call options to close positions, while buying a number of call options not to the price (Note: buying calls or puts limited risk and unlimited profits, and vice versa limited risk profits and unlimited risk, reflecting the option profits of the premium is based on the volatility of the market reference) Dow Jones Index within a few months The Dow Jones index fell from 2700 points to 1700 points in a few months, while futures fell to 1300 points, Cilibar has the wind sailed to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn substantial profits Cilibars success and fluke, his experience are: 1. strong perseverance in the process of buying and selling a single lot for a long time, although suffering from the bullying of other representatives of the market, but still adhere to the principles, for the established goals buried in hard work 2. control risk as long as A single, Celeba always do a good job of the worst intentions, the risk to do a number, so that each loss has a limit he has witnessed many traders in making a lot of money and then all lost, the reason is that risk awareness is not strong enough to make money after the floating feel their ability to exceed the market, the market is no longer in awe, the past strict adherence to the principles also put aside, so sooner or later will be eaten by the market 3. Many people always feel that the price rise in order to make money actually really make a lot of money people often love to do short, Celeba does not have any preconceptions, based on market conditions to take the appropriate strategy 4. his amazing is the stability of his strategy is usually a steady fight, the key time to kill a little, to earn high profits 5. the future market, often before and after, repeatedly study, for any sudden changes. He believes that no matter what business he is in, he has to be the best in the business of futures, which is to see how much money he can make now that he has achieved this goal and feels that making money is not everything. Due to the excessive commitment to work, Celeba is still unmarried, without the joy of family, always feel less successful probably this is his next goal to strive for it

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