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The relationship between the averages and K lines

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red cashback"> bestforexrebatest forex rebate the medium-term averages such as 120, pink short-term averages such as 13 or 30, blue is the c rebateinforextradingle K line (draw a little more complicated), gray is a pen level this is just a trading model, as to how you operate, the averages and inflection points are very important, identify the direction and manipulation of the actual trend is much more complex, a thousand changes, a general understanding of the principle of operation can be this chart is drawn A bit of a problem, painted to know a bit wrong, break through the 120 line generally break through the gray one of the former high position you can follow my thinking, find a random chart, look, how to respond, more summary, you rebatesinforex be able to understand the main is to learn how to deal with the problem of the total idea is to stand on 120 to do more, down below 120 to do short as for the middle of the short difference or to increase the part of the position, must be well planned A total of three kinds of a half position on 120, how to cross the old and then breakthrough, and then add half a position after the short-term averages in and out of the half position, down below 120 to close a position on the 120 average and stand on the former trend a high point, that is, on the average and breakthrough inflection point, then bold full position, after the short-term averages in and out of the half position after the fall below 120 to close a position on the 120 full position The most important thing is to plan where to break through to do more, wait for the time to strike, and then according to the plan boldly down must be clear, clear implementation of the trading system, even if the trend out of the accident, is a false breakthrough, you must also be at peace with the stop loss, so that you can earn to understand the loss of understanding back and forth after the slap or stop loss, be sure to wait New opportunities to see understand and then take the shot, must not be impatient back and forth to do the wrong direction stop-loss thing, who have done, anxious so a while, useful to reflect must be fast, especially the false breakthrough, immediately have to reflect, or harm is their own when you will see, you can also use the false breakthrough to make money, this is the most cool this is the gold 60 minutes chart gold must be so operated, close the position must be fast or profit will lose a lot of Can only be a schematic effect it specific how to develop transactions, depending on personal habits to learn to use simple averages, to adapt to the trend varieties are different, different strategies the general trading principle is the same red is the average purple is the K line this is the K line and the average of the 3 mutual state a kind of go back a kind of repeated oscillation a kind of dragonfly how you will respond red is the average blue is the K line this is the box with the mean of 3 kinds of position strength relationship one is strong one is medium one is weak how will you respond red is the medium-term mean blue is the short-term mean 3 different zero state when the two bonded, will produce a change in the plate, the K line is either up or down, once up, must immediately react once down, these 3 conditions are gone how will you respond red is the mean blue is the K line in front of one is not a breakthrough of the previous high, then immediately pull up the mean On pulling up the average, and then immediately fall below the average, generally is the trend continues to continue to fall after a kind of trend is too complex, resulting in the average line flattening, at this time will eat back and forth slap, the trend into the consolidation state how will you respond to the above 5 diagrams are very rough, but also casually drawn, I hope to solve the puzzle in fact, I just summarized it, this thing who can see important to understand the truth, use the truth to make money other The useful? I know an old man in the securities exchange sweep, ten years of speculation without loss I recounted his trading you do not admire can not he just look at the averages and K lines when the trend back a not a new low, stepping on 120 or 250, he is very serious thinking, whether there will be a good positive, then he will be bold to do more, if the trend continuous rise, he will have been waiting for the K line obviously formed a break, or After the trend is perfect, out if the trend continues to fall to innovative lows, he stopped out a year of operation less than 3 times times times to catch a 30% or more, especially years ago he was particularly accurate general rebatemeaninginforex did not reverse, he has bought IFC, from a fall not new lows after doing two waves of the market most admired is his patience, K-line no matter how natural retracement, he has been eating to the end of the rise before selling the stock is his hobby I think this is the high people he especially love to learn, always pull me to talk about stock trends and QQ screenshot drawing how to get, I know he is particularly experienced, we young people or no predecessors powerful he has a characteristic, never look at the general market, occasionally look at todays stock K line how, he also work part-time to do sweeping work, 600 yuan a month salary, this kind of people are not Stock God? He is trading his own plan, planning his own transactions, this person is very good psychologically, never panic, the opportunity to come out on the ruthless, all the way to hold, until the end of the market is willing to leave worthy of our good learning in fact, my technology is so much, wrap theory plus averaging, all are standing in the moment on the actual combat and response to think when you understand the moment, understand the trend is not inevitable, technology is bullshit, the only thing you The only thing you can do is to strictly implement your trading plan even if you do it once, your feelings will be different to learn to have your own opinion, in order not to ask people, rely on themselves as long as you work hard, the market will give you back the market is always right, the market always go to the right, just know this is no trick is better than a trick, is the most powerful Bible study trading, can really change the character of people, people will become more and more calm, will clear mind, will open the Buddha nature, see the essence of things and the law and those who do not have the Buddha nature, and greed, is not good trading especially if you think you are great, you think you have not learned enough, you think you are right, these people are not suitable for the market, the market will give color, turn you from human to ghost, and then turn you from ghost to dust what is nirvana, is to the other side of the meaning if you If you can be enlightened and reach the other shore, you know how to let go of attachment and transcend life and death all things in this world are empty, they are nothingness no I phase no one phase no beings phase no life phase, is the highest state capital market is also a reason, no indicators no K-line no human nature, can really be at peace to do transactions market more you will be more, the market is empty you will be empty, you simply have no room for bargaining, you can only accept the market The market, embrace the market, love the market, interact with the market see here, you are still willing to give up the market? I think your sense of pain has disappeared, because you have been enlightened

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