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The seven golden guidelines for making money in foreign exchange

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Many people think rebatesinforex cashback forex long as you find a good entry point, best forex rebate the key to success In fact, that is only a small part of a successful transaction using the correct means of bestforexrebate management is the most important component of successful trading whether rebatemeaninginforex is stocks, futures, or speculation in foreign exchange, successful foreign exchange traders always put the correct method of money management as the headline principle of making money 1, under any one single single, there should be a stop loss to minimize losses is the fundamental guarantee of long-term profit, so in order to minimize your losses, under any single should have a stop loss 2, the ratio of risk / profit should be at least 1: 1.5 when you want to place a single, be sure to think clearly about the possibility of profit rebateinforextrading loss assume that the space for profit is ¥ 4000, and the space for loss is only ¥ 2000, then the risk / profit Ratio is 1:2, it is worth a try.3, do not let your account overload because foreign exchange trading can enlarge the amount of capital control, usually the ratio is 100:1 means that 1000 U.S. dollars can control 100,000 U.S. dollars then this function of capital amplification is like a double-edged sword, high returns accompanied by huge risks so prudent investors will usually control the maximum loss of each time in 10% or less, then the profit will be stable and long-term so our goal should be a good investor, not a speculator 4, accept failure, as soon as possible to shift attention to the next transaction in this world no one can guarantee that each of his transactions are profitable, so when you lose money on a transaction, forget about it as soon as possible and shift attention to the next transaction otherwise, you will lose More and more and can not help themselves 5, develop a realistic and viable dynamic goals do not involve emotions and money together simply see each single as a business transaction, do not involve feelings if there is a loss, learn to accept it, and look forward to learn how to accept failure is more important than success, it is similar to our Chinese old saying, failure is the mother of success no emotional factors, follow the trading principles It is difficult to adapt and get used to trading at first, but you have to adapt to it, because it is the only way to make money 6, when you trade profitably, protect your won profits Protecting your profits is another important factor for you to get stable, long-term profits When you are in a profitable position, it is important to raise your stop loss accordingly so that although you want to hold the position for a longer time Although everyone knows that it is a stupid thing to trade more than you can afford, this stupid thing is still very common among us traders. We should not use money that we should not use, such as: monthly living expenses, retirement savings, and do not borrow money to invest in Forex because if you do so, your mentality is no different from that of the average gambler, and the end result is usually to lose all your money!

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