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The treatment of the anti rising wedge

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forex trad rebatemeaninginforexg requires a comprehensive chart analys best forex rebate results to make the final trading decision, but the cashback forex will not follow our will always appear to our advantage, rebatesinforex time we need to be cautious to deal with the following is to introduce the treatment of the anti rising wedge If the forex market in the long term appear bullish moment, many traders are relatively low cost. They hope to earn greater profits, not to their predetermined position they will not easily get off, rebateinforextrading each adjustment, is the opportunity to adjust their positions, so once the fall, is the best time for them to continue to adjust their positions, since we all see that the fall is an opportunity to buy, so often these institutional investors always act in advance, less than most investors predict the water level they will suddenly enter, so that the eager to enter the investors to step short. So that the eager to enter the investors step short, so that they are forced to buy at a higher water level so that the initiative is always in their hands Foreign exchange trading market in the high level after consolidation, the lack of upward momentum, finally leading to failure, the market fell, but the market may still be bullish in the long term, so the long-term trend of good potential has not changed, this moment we are concerned about what moment after the fall to buy the problem, the buy The position is not well chosen, the market in the absence of a few days or even a very short period of time after the fall, a few days up to fall near the starting position, and even more than the previous high, so we were caught off guard, and such a foreign exchange trading market, how to find a reasonable position to buy in the fall is the key to trading The reason why it is called the reverse rising wedge, because the first this bestforexrebate just opposite to the direction of the falling wedge, we put Foreign exchange transactions in the opposite direction of the matter is generally called the opposite side, so the name, second, and the opposite of the falling wedge, but also to facilitate our grasp of the falling wedge from the principle of this graph it and the falling wedge whether from the graph or trading strategy is the opposite Lets look at the specific method: foreign exchange trading as this graph is the midway up the graph, page that is, the market is not over, down is our chance to buy again The opportunity to buy, once missed, can make us regret stepping short of the taste is not good, so the secret of this graph is to buy in close proximity to the position of the lower border of this graph, and through our observation, this graph buying point can rarely touch the position of the lower border often appear in advance of such a market so there is no other way, early start is strong, late start suffer, this sentence here is just right in the distance from the lower border of the water level is a certain distance is our opportunity to buy stop loss or place, we can place on the lower border so that we can achieve the right ratio of profit to loss Foreign exchange trading in this graph is the best opportunity for us to make short-term profits, often 2-3 days of the market can be a week or even more time to recover the lost ground, so it is a quick profit But this graph due to the final buy phase time is very fast, the market reversal is also very fast, we need to enter quickly, a little hesitation, will step short so also belongs to the not very good mastery of the graph, need to accumulate experience, often encounter such a graph a few times, we can see the strange, can take this graph, so as to get profits Foreign exchange trading anti-rising wedge processing requires a certain amount of time The accumulation of experience and summary, of course, more need is a decisive decision-making spirit, because once a little hesitation may lose a great opportunity, this point requires investors in the future of the transaction slowly experience

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