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SiriusXM Customer Care Number

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If you have a SiriusXM radio or a compatible smart device, you have probably stumbled across a SiriusXM customer care number or two. This is a service offered by a large broadcasting company based out of Midtown Manhattan, New York. A SiriusXM customer care number will help you answer questions about your account, get answers to technical support issues and make sure you are using the service wisely.

While the service is impressive in its own right, you may not be pleased with the quality of service you get from its representatives. Some complaints include rude and unhelpful customer service representatives, slow response times and long wait times. It is not unusual to be unable to connect with a customer care representative on your first call.

The company has a web-based form you can use to submit your complaint and you can find the phone number on the website. However, if you prefer to speak to a human being, you can reach them by calling the above number or sending an email. Alternatively, you can check out a list of the most popular complaints by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the footer of the home page.

As with many products and services, the company has its own fair share of missteps. Besides the aforementioned, you may have trouble using SiriusXM on a third party device. For example, some of the best music channels are only available in select devices, so be careful when signing up. Additionally, the company may not be held liable for any incompatibility problems if you have purchased a third party device.

You might also want to check out the SiriusXM radio app. In addition to providing a streaming service, the app lets you control your car through your voice. This can be useful for checking out weekend weather reports or making phone calls to your friends and family. To activate the app, you can do so by providing your ESN or RadioID. Once you are on board, you can listen to the top music and entertainment stations courtesy of SiriusXM. Using the app to your advantage can be a great way to enjoy your favorite songs while on the go.

There are some things you can"t do, such as cancel your subscription, but there are plenty of things you can do to improve your experience with the company. For starters, you can save up to 25% off the cost of your subscription for the life of your subscription. Furthermore, you can switch between vehicles or add another vehicle to your account if you so choose. Finally, you can take advantage of the company"s free three-month trial. After this, you can keep paying less if you stick with SiriusXM for the long haul.

Obviously, Sirius XM isn"t the only company offering satellite radio or smart device streaming, but its offerings are arguably better than the competition. So, if you are a big fan of a particular station or are just looking to try something new, it"s worth a try.

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