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To learn good foreign exchange should be a comprehensive understanding of it

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personal feeling spot rebateinforex bestforexrebate best forex rebate can be said to be the markets simplest rebatemeaninginforex most complex speculative goods simple because the world rebatesinforex only a few dozen major currencies, trading volume of currency is also more in line with the technical trend forecast, the rules or understand, on the two directions but its complexity is also beyond human imagination foreign exchange on the surface is the relative value of the two currencies between the changes, in fact, it is the Hidden is the strength of the two economies behind it, if the dollar euro international currency, but also by the interference of more events like a martial arts manual, a simple sentence contains the supreme method, foreign exchange simply a pair of prices, behind the hidden is the countrys economic situation, interest rates, employment, imports and exports, international trade, geopolitics, industrial distribution, emergencies and other multi-factor competition  To learn good foreign exchange should be comprehensive to understand it First, master the basic foreign exchange knowledge such as what is foreign exchange, what is the principle of foreign exchange trading, the worlds major currency types, and then to understand the leverage spread margin trading and other conceptual knowledge, only master these towards the basics of foreign exchange, you are a novice speculator foreign exchange Second, choose a speculative foreign exchange cashback forex to do foreign exchange people know, find A good point of the foreign exchange platform is how important ah foreign exchange platform security often determines the lifeblood of speculators so we must pay attention when choosing a foreign exchange platform, because now for foreign exchange, the country has not yet correctly expressed support, so if you choose the platform is not stable, you may have an impact on your foreign exchange trading choose a good platform later, we should understand the platform this time you Can first open a demo account, using a demo account for trading, the first is to familiarize yourself with the operating system of this platform, and then you can feel out a set of suitable foreign exchange trading operation methods in the process of simulation trading to improve their own foreign exchange trading skills Of course, there are many options for opening a demo foreign exchange account, but to choose the most important is suitable for you Third, technical and fundamental foreign exchange analysis, the economic data Interpretation of the fundamentals of foreign exchange is the original driving force that led to exchange rate fluctuations, changes in the fundamentals of foreign exchange is the cause of volatility in the foreign exchange market and market price turmoil fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market including political economic and financial developments, so as to determine the supply and demand factors but technical knowledge is also a factor that can not be ignored therefore, after understanding the most basic speculative foreign exchange mode, technical, fundamental Market interpretation, the application of investment techniques, the official start of the introductory course on speculation in foreign exchange

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