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Every rebatemeaninginforexvestor wants to make stable profits in rebatesinforex, everyone has the dream of making a million cashback forexllars from the foreign exchange market Before realizing th rebateinforextrading dream, it is necessary to make a plan, best forex rebate to stick to this plan for 21 weeks to develop a stable and profitable trading habit Forex trading is both a simple and complex thing, the key is that we want to go to the simple, or to the complex So, we should How to develop good trading habits?  A, develop the right trading concept individual investors do foreign exchange, to understand one thing very well, that is, stable money is not easy, overnight riches only belong to a few people small capital doubled need to have the spirit of adventure and skilled trading skills, we have to use the mentality of investment to do speculation in laymans terms, investment relies on the concept, speculation relies on luck then, how to establish the right trading concept? We have to do the following three things: 1, set a goal first of all, we have to have a clear goal, this goal can be long-term, such as: a year to reach how much revenue, or 3 years to reach how much revenue, can also be short-term, half a year to achieve how much net worth growth this goal to be within a reasonable range, can not be a short-term unattainable goal: such as 1 year to triple such a desire to significantly Cut off the inappropriate positions and profit expectations that hinder stability 2, phased trading through the setting of trading goals, we can divide the goal into several specific can be implemented in the trading phase, through more summary of their trading process, for example: daily, weekly, monthly, how profitable, how much profit, how much loss to summarize 3, refuse to be spontaneous foreign exchange market is always there, do or do not do, will has been running 24 hours however our mind is fluctuating, the fluctuations of the mind will greatly exceed the market fluctuations desire and greed, will be significantly inflated with different situations, different capital size we want to do is to avoid because of personal emotions and mind fluctuations lead to spontaneous trading, today frequent trading, tomorrow only a few bestforexrebate, see the loss on the position, see the profit on the position closed, such a trading model is doomed Second, open a stable and profitable plan 1, training capital management light trading no matter how long the trading time, the size of the capital to do too much, how good the risk control, in the foreign exchange derivatives market full of temptations and traps, to obtain long-term stability and profitability of the secret only one: capital management is the key, and the core of capital management is: light position from the logic of trading, light position is the control of risk The gain depends on the strength of technical operations, market technical analysis and judgment is the compensation for the gain Doing business, risk control determines survival, income compensation is just the icing on the cake in the survival is always the first foreign exchange market, if you do not recognize this truth, losing money is inevitable more than ten years of experience in foreign exchange trading, basically traders in the elite of these people although a large proportion still can not Stable profit, but the probability of loss has been greatly reduced how to achieve stable profit? The key is: light position this point whether from their own reality, or and industry veteran investors exchange, are very much agreed that light position is the key point of long-term profitability of foreign exchange trading all excess earnings and windfall, in the long cycle is a flash in the pan some people may be in two or three years will be heavy or adventurous to get very good earnings but, there is always a year, a month, the former work abandoned market has told us that If you do not make changes, this will certainly happen, a year or even two months can lose the money earned back in the previous five years 2, adhere to 21 weeks to develop a habit of stability and profitability, starting with the first 21 weeks 21 weeks is an important cycle, any one thing can adhere to the 21st cycle, it means that this thing is fast becoming a habit to 10,000 U.S. dollars account, for example, if previously we If we are used to opening 0.5 lots of Europe and the United States, used to increase positions then in the practice of 21 weeks of stable and profitable plan, it may be worth reducing the position to 0.05 lots, up to eight single, distributed in three to four varieties, a single variety of positions no more than three single in this premise, we go to trade 21 weeks, I believe that we will see a different landscape This is a basic simple money management framework, the material works if you can do this A little, stability and profitability should not be a problem Three, eight single open four single position trading method: to the principal of $ 5,000 for example: a single open 0.01 lots, only do Europe and the United States, the pound U.S., Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan four straight plate, do not do volatile gold and crude oil, the total position of no more than eight single, a single variety of positions no more than four single need to note that in a single variety, we can run micro Martin The first single set, that is, after the first single set, the interval of 30 points plus a single; second single set, and then the interval of 30 points plus a single; third single set, and then the interval of 30 points plus a single at most in the single species only four layers we can hedge the order, but the single direction can not exceed four layers all the trading list only set stop gain, not set stop loss, stop gain points to determine the purpose of doing so is not to worry about being hit stop loss, with Ultra-light positions, to achieve the training of capital management

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