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Wave Theory Predicting future price movements

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Simple best forex rebate theory: trading, real-world experience rebatemeaninginforex the most important, summed up a set of tactics can be better applied in the real world is the most valuable, the title "simple" is from the heart, I hope the simpler the better to use the part of the analysis to everyone wave theory debut The first appearance of the wave theory was in 1929, the global economic crisis caused by the Great Depression period of the U.S. stock market from the Great Crash in 1929 to the summer of 1932, three years of the entire market was filled with a sense of despair at this time the originator of the wave theory Elliott sent a telegram to the editor-in-chief of the American Investment Weekly Grimes, clearly pointed out that the long-term rebatesinforexward trend has ended, the future will be a big bull market, after which the Dow Jones The Dow Jones index rose 100% in 9 weeks bestforexrebate was still hitting new highs as of mid-2014. This shows that the market can be predicted, and wave theory is exactly a price trend analysis capabilities and conditions of the tool, it is based on the cycle of fluctuations to analyze and predict future price movements when we pay attention to the K chart, if you look carefully enough, it is not difficult to find that they are rhythmic, regular ups and cashback forexwns, just like the rebateinforextrading of the sea, you can feel the rhythm contained therein The rhythm of the standard 5 waves down structure and prediction of a complete down wave includes a down cycle and an up cycle, down cycle consists of five waves, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, which 1, 3, 5 waves down, 2, 4 waves rebound; up period consists of three waves, with a, b, c, which a, c wave for the up wave, b wave for the down wave "as shown in the figure below" at the end of the 5 waves down, the According to the wave structure should have a wave of three waves upward trend, this time is suitable for building more than one single This is a complete down wave, the following is the down wave of the practical application: period: 30 minutes or 60 minutes for the appropriate down wave two of the best position: two waves of rebound high point to short after determining the short-term head, usually after the first wave of killing, there will be 2 waves of rebound trend, 2 waves of rebound high point to determine the way to Significant mid-negative line or large negative line for the turning point shorting, relatively safe and effective five-wave kill low to do more after a continuous five-wave kill down, there will be a short-term wave of three waves of rebound requirements, at the end of the five-wave kill down, is a good opportunity to do more, to the bottom of the large positive line or medium positive line for the determination of the inverse elasticity standard standard 5 wave rising structure and prediction of a complete rising wave is how? Which includes a rising cycle and a down cycle, rising cycle consists of five waves, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, which 1, 3, 5 waves up, 2, 4 waves down; down cycle consists of three waves, with a, b, c, which a, c wave down, b wave up ((as shown)) at the end of 5 waves up, according to the wave structure should have a wave of three waves down trend, this time Suitable for opening short positions this is a complete rising wave, finally, together with a practical application: period: 30 minutes or 60 minutes, for the appropriate rising wave two best to do single point: two waves to adjust the low to do more usually in the first wave of a big rise or a sudden big rise in the plate, there will be a short pullback opportunities, this time should be able to determine the 1 wave up, after which there will be 2 waves of adjustment opportunities, this This time is the opportunity to do more low two-wave adjustment end, usually after the reappearance of the horizontal disc as the standard, this time is to intervene in the time to do more five-wave rally high point to do short after a continuous five-wave rise, especially in the last rise will suddenly accelerate the rally fast new high, this time to start paying attention to the opportunity to do short as long as 30 minutes or 60 minutes of the pattern of yin and yang, is an excellent opportunity to do short. is the perfect opportunity to do short, behind there should be a, b, c three waves of the killing structure (Forex Academy

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