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What are the skills of foreign exchange short term operation

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In the process of foreign exchange trad rebateinforextradingg, we should best forex rebate only learn long term, ultra-long term operation, but also learn short term cashback forex ultra-short term operation Only a variety of ways to combine the operation, so that your investment will have a better return The following I will do short term trading method summary to tell you, here we need to explain: (1) these methods are only the theory of the previous practice, and in practice has been confirmed many times (2) these methods may not be every practical, and not with these methods can guarantee that you only make a profit. And in practice has been confirmed many times (2) these methods of watching the market may not be every practical, not with these methods to ensure that you only earn not lose hope that you can understand th rebatesinforex point In addition, these methods you do not need to rigidly apply, to be able to learn by example, live and apply 1, pay close attention to the volume volume volume hour step buy volume at low levels when all buy volume at high levels when all enlarge Sell 2, back to the volume shrinkage buy, back to the volume increase when selling generally back to the volume increase in the main shipments, the next rebatemeaninginforex will open higher than the closing price of the first day, or soon after the opening will be higher than yesterdays closing price, jump gap may also appear, but this is more bad shipping 3, RSI (Relative Strength Index) in the low hovering three times when buying in RSI less than 10 buy in RSI higher than 85 when buying and selling out RSI in the high hovering three times when selling the exchange rate innovation high, RSI can not innovate high must be sold KDJ (stochastic indicators) can be a reference but the main force often pull up at the end of the market to achieve the purpose of cheating bestforexrebate, specializing in the whole technical person must not only believe in KDJ. in the short term, WR% (William) indicator is very important must be carefully look at the long term more TRIX (triple exponential smoothing moving average indicator).  4, the average crossover when there is generally a technical retracement of the crossover upward back to buy the crossover downward back to sell the 5 day and 10 day line are up, and the 5 day in the 10 day line when buying as long as it does not break the 10 day line will not sell this is generally in the indicator technical repair if the confirmation of the broken 10 day line, the 5 day line turned down to sell because the 10 day line is very important for people doing the banker this is the performance of the performance of the cost price generally Not let the exchange rate fall below but there are also exceptionally strong bank in the washboard will fall below the 10-day line can 20-day line generally will not break otherwise the general trend is not good he can not clean up 5, chasing up and down sometimes useful strong, weak speculation time concept is very important do not go against yourself 6, high three consecutive long yin fast run loss also to run low three long sun buy, which is usually back up the beginning 7, in the upward trend do not despise the cold Currency which is usually a big dark horse in the upward trend also do not belittle the problem currency, which may also be a big dark horse but this horse is not bold with gambling people, people with bad psychological quality do not ride  

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