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What effect does Forex news have on the Forex market How to use forex news for trading

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Economic globalization best forex rebate a major feature of the world economy today, the global f rebatemeaninginforexancial cashback forexs are closely linked together, so the rebateinforextrading rebatesinforex market as part of the financial market will not be an exception to the foreign exchange trading investors have heard of fundamental analysis, fundamental analysis includes the following factors: economic situation; political factors; military developments; government, central bank policy; market psychology; speculative trading; unexpected events, etc. So We can know that the impact of bestforexrebate on the foreign exchange market should be dramatic, lets look at how the foreign exchange news is a huge impact on the foreign exchange market a. The impact of foreign exchange news on foreign exchange trading 1. geopolitical wars, political events, elections, peace treaties including terrorist attacks and other events, often have a series of impact on the financial markets these events may lead to, the original trend to end open a For example, in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, there was a succession of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which led to high spending on the U.S. war budget and increased debt, so the dollar began to fall 2. Downward probability increases, the central bank is more inclined to stimulate the economy of easing policy, that is, lower interest rates Currently, the worlds major central banks are biased toward loose monetary policy, resulting in global interest rates at a relatively low level, but with the diminishing marginal effect of loose monetary policy, the effect of the traditional low interest rates local currency devaluation has not appeared, Europe Japan is a typical example, in the negative interest rate policy, the yen and the euro instead Macroeconomic data Another type of foreign exchange news that can make the foreign exchange market react strongly is the release of macro data reports one of the most obvious examples is the U.S. non-farm payrolls data, the impact of non-farm payrolls data on foreign exchange, according to Macroeconomic explanation: If the U.S. non-farm payrolls data is good, is to support the dollar rise, non-farm payrolls data is poor, will make the dollar depreciate in addition from the micro level, the United States is a consumption-led country, domestic GDP has 2/3 from the field of consumption and consumption is about the U.S. economy is the fundamental question of whether the consumption of the general public as the main body, then it is necessary to consider whether the U.S. national has The ability to consume, then whether there are jobs and salary levels is the crucial issue so that from the micro level, and will take the non-farm payrolls data as a measure of the level of U.S. consumption of important data, if the non-farm payrolls data is good, indicating that the people have a better basis for consumption, good for the U.S. economy, thus supporting the dollar rise Conversely, it is negative dollar II, how to use the foreign exchange news forex news trading is very simple, the method of It is a timely foreign exchange trading before and after the release of important economic news These news are announced, it is likely that the foreign exchange market prices will fluctuate sharply upward or downward For example, if the Federal Reserve announced another increase in interest rates, many traders may be invested in the U.S. dollar, because this move will make the dollar appreciate fruitful gains deeply attracted foreign exchange traders and investors, but news trading-related risk factors are also A variety of forex news trading dangers come from the fact that it is necessary to trade quickly or lose if unfortunately become an unfavorable party in the transaction, in the blink of an eye there will be a loss of funds loss so fast that there may not be time to manually close the transaction stop-loss orders are also at risk because sudden price fluctuations are likely to cause delays in trading Therefore, forex news trading is a high in forex trading The foreign exchange market is different from many financial markets, the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, any economic announcements will have a direct impact on the currency of the country or other countries so we have to be careful because some news will have a long-term impact on the foreign exchange market, even if we do not trade in the news, but also need to get the latest news in time for their own trading well in advance Prepare

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