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What is quantitative fundamental analysis

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First of all, we have to clarify the concept of the so-called best forex rebate rebatemeaninginforex rebateinforextrading method, bestforexrebate the combination of quantitative cashback forex fundamental analysis of two methods, is the rapid development of electronic market, big rebatesinforex, natural language processing technology in recent years with the new fundamental analysis method stuck in the traditional model, one by one to find data sources, look at the report and then summarize, the efficiency and information coverage are very limited, so It is necessary to use tools like big data and natural language processing to help investment managers process more information. Rewind to a few years ago, each trading platform has its own strengths, some are good at fundamental analysis, some do excellent macro analysis, or very successful on the basis of mathematical and quantitative, now, with the increasing progress of technology, the abstract theory of mathematical finance gradually weakened, more focus on the logic of finance itself We often say that we are in an era of big data to collect information through technological devices, and then use big data methods to obtain information, so that you can get a very good sample of data, so that you do not need to go out to do fundamental analysis Because of this, quantitative strategies with the help of mathematicians and physicists, changing the traditional investment model, creating a brilliant quantitative era data show us We are usually the results we want, some experts have said that the biggest advantage of quantitative trading strategies is to be able to find the cause and effect relationships in small data sets quantitative trading combined with fundamentals is a new direction of development in the observation of foreign exchange trends quantitative fundamental analysis based on big data is not only to make up for the time gap in the relevant data, but also not just through all aspects of the data to provide more features to get Better fundamental analysis prediction results of quantitative itself is also a rational analysis in line with the process of analysis is also with the development of big data has just started a new analysis method, how to continuously draw on the results of various aspects of quantitative, fundamental analysis method, big data, machine learning and so on has yet to be further explored quantitative, the use of big data screening of original investment products, is now investment adviser products The underlying foundation of quantitative preference Although the screening of big data in the short term, can not completely replace the experienced manual operation but it gives the fundamentals an additional layer of quantitative selection, more information sources than the previous purely artificial fundamentals, it can be said to do the best of the best It can be said that the results obtained from quantitative fundamental analysis, than the individual Investors rely on their own fundamental analysis to obtain the so-called news much more accurate In general, quantification is also the original fundamental things, such as the way people think and investment logic, after quantification into a model, so the future trend is to combine quantitative and fundamental The above is todays introduction to the quantitative Fundamental analysis, more knowledge about trading, welcome to pay attention to the financial network

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