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What is the difference between cash and cash remittance

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What cashback forex the difference between rebateinforextrading remittance bestforexrebate cash banknotes? The rebatesinforex exchange deposits of banks are divided best forex rebateto cash remittances (foreign exchange accounts) and cash notes (foreign rebatemeaninginforex accounts), and there is a certain difference in the exchange rate between the two for RMB   cash remittances are foreign currency notes and certificates remitted from abroad or brought in or sent in from abroad, in our daily life we can often come into contact with mainly overseas remittances and travelers checks, etc. Cash notes mainly refer to foreign currency brought in from abroad or held by individuals that are freely convertible. As RMB is the legal tender in China, foreign currency banknotes cannot be used as a means of payment in China, but can only become a circulating currency outside China. The actual difference between a foreign currency account and a foreign currency account is that the bank will charge a certain percentage of the cost of the foreign currency account.  The first is whether you can directly remit abroad, cash remittances can be directly remitted abroad, you only need to pay the remittance fee; cash if you want to remit abroad, then you need to pay the difference between banknotes and remittances, that is, the difference between the buy price of the banknotes and the buy price of the cash remittances Second, the price of conversion into RMB is different The buy price of cash is always lower than the buy price of the cash remittances, if the country foreign exchange to your remittances, you are to If youre looking for a way to get your money back, you should pay attention to the fact that you dont have to pay for it in cash or withdraw it in cash, but you can transfer it directly to your account or ask for it to be exchanged for RMB.  The buy price of cash is the price at which the customer sells the foreign currency cash to the bank because the foreign currency cash cannot be circulated in the home market and needs to be shipped to the currency issuing country in order to be utilized while the bank buys the foreign currency bills, after a certain period of time and after accumulating to a certain amount, it can be shipped and deposited in the foreign bank for redeployment, before which the bank that bought the bills has to bear certain interest losses; the bank that shipped and deposited the foreign currency notes in the foreign bank has to bear certain interest losses; the bank that shipped and deposited the foreign currency notes in the foreign bank has to bear certain interest losses. The actual price of the cash is much lower than the selling price of foreign currency.

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