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What is the difference between domestic gold prices and international gold prices

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Many investors know that best forex rebate investment in the rebatesinforex gold rebatemeaninginforex rebateinforextrading gold, then, are gold, th bestforexrebate domestic gold cashback forex and foreign gold price what is the difference? The difference between domestic gold and international gold International gold (also called spot gold and London gold) is a vestigial transaction, referring to the day of delivery or several days after the transaction is concluded usually also called spot gold is the worlds first big stock because the spot gold daily trading volume is huge, the daily trading volume is about 20 trillion U.S. dollars so there is no consortium and institutions can artificially manipulate such a huge market, completely rely on the market spontaneous regulation spot Gold market no dealer, market norms, self-regulation, sound regulations international gold and domestic gold is relatively unified, meaning the advantages are similar, Chinas gold investment market faces international challenges the only difference is as follows: First, the domestic gold investment market currently exists management bottleneck, it will affect the international gold market second, the lagging domestic gold circulation system impedes the international gold market to deepen the development of the third. International gold risk aversion awareness and ability is relatively weak, will have an impact on the domestic gold market fourth, the domestic lack of a large number of both understand the international market operation and familiar with the domestic market conditions of gold investment talent, the market parties also lack of advanced scientific investment concept and keen investment awareness international gold and domestic gold advantages: the value of gold is inherent and inherent in itself "Global hard currency coin", and has a thousand years of immortal stability, so regardless of natural and man-made disasters, the value of gold eternal gold is closely related to the currency of financial assets, so it is easy to realize more due to the 24-hour gold trading market, so at any time you can change the banknotes gold has a world price, but also according to the exchange ratio, exchange for The difference between international gold prices and domestic gold prices in other countries Although the international gold prices and domestic gold prices are calculated in different ways, but the international gold prices use pure gold prices and domestic 99.99% prices should be similar because the domestic gold supply exceeds demand, need to import from the international market, so the domestic gold prices to add the import of freight, handling fees, etc. What is the difference between domestic gold prices and international gold prices? Generally speaking, the domestic gold price is slightly higher than the international gold price is reasonable in terms of specific performance, domestic gold price fluctuations tend to lag behind, in the international gold price is low, the domestic gold price is often higher than the international gold price; and in the international gold price is high, the domestic gold price is often lower than the international gold price domestic gold price expressed in RMB / gram in the yuan and a package of currency pegged after the yuan has appreciated against the dollar nearly 8%, so the yuan gold price than in the past has a more important significance investors trading in the gold market, often have to convert between the dollar gold price and the yuan gold price, the first gold net editor suggests that you can convert through the following formula: yuan gold price = international gold price * dollar to yuan exchange rate / 31.1035

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