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What is the economic fluctuation cycle

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  The rebateinforextrading rebatesinforex generally consists of four stages: recovery, prosperity, recession best forex rebate depression The recovery phase begins with the lowest point of the previous cycle, output and rebatemeaninginforex bestforexrebate at the lowest level With the recovery of the economy, the recovery of production and cashback forex growth, prices also began to gradually rebound The prosperity phase is the peak of the economic cycle, due to the investment demand and consumer demand The recession phase occurs after the peak of the economic cycle has passed and the economy begins to slide, as demand shrinks and supply greatly exceeds demand, prices fall rapidly The depression phase is the trough of the economic cycle, where both supply and demand are at low levels and prices stop falling and are at low levels. These are the general characteristics of the four stages of the economic cycle Different countries and periods of the economic cycle may have their own different characteristics For example, before the 1960s, the economic cycle in Western countries was characterized by large fluctuations in output and prices in the same direction, while in the early 1970s, Western countries have entered a period of so-called stagflation, a major economic recession, but prices are still rising sharply, the economic Stagnation and severe inflation coexist, while the economic fluctuations since the 80s and 90s are greatly reduced, and the total price level is only up, not down, the recession and depression decline only the rate of price increases rather than the absolute level of prices, of course, this only up, not down refers to the total price level rather than all specific commodity prices, specific commodity prices are still up and down into the mid-90s and later, some emerging Market economies, such as South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, etc., by the impact of the financial crisis, resulting in a significant decline in the international market prices of some commodities, but the global economy has not fallen into a full-blown crisis, the European and American economies continue to improve Therefore, careful observation and analysis of the stages and characteristics of the economic cycle, for the correct grasp of the foreign exchange market price trend is of great significance economic cycle stage can be determined by some of the main Economic indicators such as GNP growth rate, unemployment rate, price indices, exchange rates, etc. are the main economic indicators that traders should pay close attention to

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