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What is the main content of the fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market

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We all know that the so-called fundamental analysis, is a comprehensive review of the situati bestforexrebate of the rebatemeaninginforex rebateinforextrading best forex rebate movements of some basic factors, through the analysis of the foreign exchange market fundamentals, you can grasp the basic factors that determine the movement of the stock price underst rebatesinforex the foreign exchange market fundamental analysis of investors will want to ask what the foreign exchange fundamental analysis mainly includes, today I will talk to you about the foreign exchange market fundamental analysis mainly includes what?  A, concern about the cashback forex situation are said to economic foundation affect the superstructure, the economic situation can reflect a countrys economic situation, a countrys economic situation also reflects the heat of investment, thus showing the market value of its currency, the flow of international funds and economic form is a direct reflection of the countrys economic indicators in general, the economic situation can be from its macroeconomic conditions, interest rate levels, inflation, etc. These to focus on the view after all, the market exchange rate is followed by the countrys economic situation followed by the situation of the world economy, such as oil prices, stock market, bonds, gold, commodity markets, real estate, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that a countrys level of economic development and economic boom directly affects investors on whether to consider doing fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market the simplest we all know the Federal Reserves recent interest rate hike and tax cuts, this move Long ago is the foreign exchange report of the popular, is bound to attract many investors to its foreign exchange market excessive concern Second, check the relevant political and news factors political factors appear with sudden, come fast, go fierce, no signs beforehand, difficult to predict, so the devastating effect on the foreign exchange market, resulting in a short period of foreign exchange rate ups and downs so as a foreign exchange investor, not only to pay attention to the changes in national economies, but also must Often understand, analyze the worlds political landscape changes and regional hotspot issue dynamics, the relevant information to make a rapid response, otherwise it is easy to produce losses political situation changes generally include political conflicts, military conflicts, elections and regime change, etc., these political factors on foreign exchange is sometimes very large, will also directly affect the investors on foreign exchange fundamental analysis of the judgment previously reported that political Factors are mostly policy uncertainties arising from the national context era, thus increasing the probability of extreme political policy events There is also an increase in geopolitical risk, and then there are some internal conflicts in developed countries, from economic issues to political issues famous for the Soviet Union in 1991 8.19 events on the foreign exchange market, short-term unexpected events can cause the spot price of foreign exchange significantly deviated from its Third, do not believe in market psychology in general, in the event of a sudden event, foreign exchange price fluctuations are determined entirely by the psychological factors of market participants, depending on the ability of people to withstand this event is what we strongly said can not blindly follow the fact that the human factor on the exchange rate, sometimes even more than the effect caused by economic factors is obvious so economists, financiers, analysts, traders, and so on. Financiers, analysts, traders and investors tend to make their own comments and predictions based on what happens every day internationally, and publish their own views on exchange rate movements usually the psychology of the market is based on the changes in the market, when investors are making investments, they have to be comprehensive in order to improve the accuracy of the analysis of the market and improve the efficiency of their investments. Therefore, here to remind investors do not believe in market psychology Fourth, not one-sided view of speculative transactions and unexpected events on the market impact of general speculative transactions and unexpected events on the market impact is often very huge major unexpected events will occur on the foreign exchange market psychology brought about by the sudden impact, driving the market volatility famous historical cases is the United States 9/11 event after the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings in New York, the world was shocked The U.S. dollar was sold across the board, these sudden events brought about by panic selling was the dominant factor in the market at the time, the above economic and political related factors are ignored by the market, of course, those who one-sidedly think that foreign exchange investment is nothing major, do not need the relevant preparatory work, as long as waiting for the sudden occurrence, into the market to buy and sell can be a wrong view, and the main reason for the formation of this view is because of a one-sided view The sudden event on the market impact of economic and political is always the main body, these events due to the sudden will only affect the foreign exchange for a short period of time, after the statute of limitations, the market will usually be supported by government departments back

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