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What kind of configuration computer or server is needed to hang forex EA

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As f cashback forexex rebatemeaninginforex needs to run 24 hours, so you need a stable best forex rebate, do bestforexrebate run, run in the critical moment to die think about if the opening signal appears, the computer rebateinforextrading dead or need to close the position, the computer system crashed this is what kind of loss computer configuration does not require high, but must be low power consumption, because Foreign exchange EA is required to hang all the time you do not shut down, if the power consumption is too high, the monthly electricity bill money will be very considerable for the trading volume of foreign exchange investors, if the computer power consumption is too large, may not earn enough money to pay the electricity bill it is the last requirement of network stability, do not blackout this point and the requirement of computer stability is a certain reason in fact, for serious foreign exchange traders, it is best to rent VPS server or rebatesinforex server to hang EA, this way the computer performance is more stable, but also will not be like hanging EA in their own computer power outages, disconnections and other unexpected situations, after all, we can not be at home 24 hours a day to maintain and comprehensive, renting VPS or cloud server, the cost may actually be less than hanging EA with their own computer Therefore, if you are taking forex trading as a serious thing If you are taking forex trading as a serious matter, it is still recommended if you use a VPS or cloud server, rather than using your home computer to hang EA. hanging EA with a VPS or cloud server, it is recommended to use Aliyuns ECS cloud server Finally, we will give you some benefits, through the following link to purchase can use coupons, or directly get a discount: a. [Aliyun] new users every full 1000 immediately 50, the highest reduction of 5000 click on the link. The highest reduction of 5000 Click discount to buy two, [Ali cloud] universal cloud computing cloud hosting as low as 20% off Click discount to buy three, [Ali cloud] to help enterprises on the cloud performance level host 2-5% off Click discount to buy 

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