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What kind of qualities do you need to be an expert in Forex speculation

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Investors enter the foreign bestforexrebate rebate rebatesinforexforextrading, the purpose best forex rebate to hunt for profits who want to become a master of speculation in foreign exchange This is also the dream of everyone can say for sure that cashback forex market is destined to only a few people can become the top experts how to become one of them?  First of all, to have more than ordinary peoples diligence, eat ordinary people can rebatemeaninginforex eat the pain of speculation is a lot of investors intellectually compete with each others activities foreign exchange analysis software no matter how advanced, always just tools your mind is always the most important do not deny that individuals have a talent for speculation in foreign exchange, but this is only a very small number, most successful people are relying on the unremitting efforts of the latter to hone out whatever they do, as long as they are willing to pay extraordinary efforts, pay extraordinary diligence, success for you, just a matter of time those who are reluctant to put in the hard work, by playing small clever want to gold in the foreign exchange market, is doomed to be eliminated by the market Second, you have to psychologically overcome their own speculative foreign exchange is a mutual game of zero cooperation game, part of the profit is bound to be another part of the loss as the cost of the market is always right, the wrong is our own as Investors should never make themselves smart, in terms of the exchange rate at each point in time, it is the result of most peoples choice in the market did not turn before the subjective inference of the bottom and top of the market is meaningless as long as the market is still rising, it means that the market to buy more people than sellers, we should not easily say top as long as the market is still falling, it means that the market to sell more people than buyers, we should not easily say bottom in the foreign exchange market. To learn to go with the flow, to stand with the majority of people and the majority of people against the market is against the market, and ultimately is against their own money This is obviously against the original intention of your entry into the foreign exchange market, I believe that many people have suffered in this regard Again, to overcome the human nature of greed and fear and greed and fear of confrontation, perhaps throughout the speculative career to make money still want to earn more, lose money afraid to lose more, this is a normal emotional reaction but this emotion is not the same. This is a normal emotional response but this emotion will seriously interfere with your ability to make independent inferences about the market irrational imagination began to gradually expand in the head, your mind becomes unconscious, the feeling of the market is also numbed The ancient art of war in China says that there is no constant force, water has no constant shape, the market changes from time to time, there is a certain degree of uncertainty in short-term trends operating principles is the iron law, should always adhere to always want to buy the market in the The lowest price, sell the highest price in the market, objectively this probability is very small even if occasionally do, but it is just good luck to run into it the real trading master is to buy the second lowest price in the market, sell the second highest price in the market to leave a little profit to others, this is the great realm of the successful Finally, is to establish a set of analysis for their own philosophy and operation trading system now a variety of analytical tools and ideas, the Eighteen kinds of martial arts, a lot, all kinds of proficiency is impossible, but there must be a few things they are proficient in, to adapt to the changing market I emphasize that everyone should have a suitable method of operation for themselves, others trading method is good, if I can not use, can not adapt to their own trading style, it is not desirable for any analytical tools and so-called experts are not overly superstitious for the unreadable The market, we would rather give up miss, only do understand, in line with our trading system, a sure quotation remember not to do randomly even they can not say the reasons for trading Of course, diligent study, good summary, experience accumulation is also essential this I do not need to say when you know why each single transaction to make why lose, you are basically mature speculation foreign exchange, learning is endless, live to old age Learn to grow old, this is the only choice to reach the international level

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