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What kind of system rule is a good rule

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For traders, a good bestforexrebate cashback forex should be a prec best forex rebatee rebate rebatesinforexforextrading unquestionable rule, when the condition A is met, there will be a trigger for action B, no matter how many people operate, the trigger action is the same, such a rule under the statistics, is the best, the most meaningful data of the sample in our country, the mean cross system is the most widely known system, the most important reason is that the rule The simplicity of the crossover system is unmistakable and fully satisfies what we call: "precise, unquestionable rules" For example, the opening rule: "When the latest rebatemeaninginforex crosses the ma10 from below the mean and closes above the ma10, do more with the closing price of this k-line" Condition A: "When the latest k-line crosses the ma10 from below the mean and closes above the ma10" Action B: "Do more with the closing price of this k-line" This rule has 3 keywords: "latest k-line" "ma10" "closing price", these three keywords limit the trigger conditions of this rule, only when these 3 conditions are met at the same time, action B will be triggered, such a rule, 100 people operate, the trigger action B are the same reason why there is "accurate, no doubt about the rule" such an inherent advantage, mathematics-based indicators In contrast, the k-line based system, there are more subjective judgments in which, such as bullish engulfment, different people, the requirements of the engulfing k-line length is different, because the length of the k-line, are relative, if there is a very long negative line before the bullish engulfment, then we have the next bullish engulfment of the entity length, the requirements should be higher, the need to open a position more Some caution, these judgments, all need to be involved in the subjective decision, 100 people operating, the trigger action B is not the same (open or not open) then this means that the k-line participation system is not good? No, not, for mature traders, will try to compress the subjective judgment component, in the definition of as clear a statement as possible, allowing themselves to make mistakes, and the record of successes and failures filed for reflection, practice practice practice practice, the rules of the formation lies in the continuous improvement, rather than a one-time definition is completed, and finally you will find that mature traders in the rules of the k-line and other subjective need to intervene in the operation of the In fact, it is almost the same, you think the drawbacks of the tool, in fact, can be avoided by means of think about it, life is also like this, when difficulties and failures come, it is worth thinking that it is their own fault, to see how they can do, in order to avoid such a mistake next time, to solve the current problem, rather than blaming others, such as the rich father of bankruptcy, the Federal Reserve ....

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