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When trading fails how should traders do

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We rebatesinforex ordinary people, people are rebateinforex cashback forex grass who can bestforexrebate emotionless, after the emotions to do a single will change our trading strategy to some extent, of course, the results are not necessarily all bad, I have seen some traders in the loss of a lot after the heavy fighting, a profit against loss for profit but more results are lost nothing people often say that anger best forex rebate the devil, in the trading of The road is even more so, the Buddhists say that people should quit greed, anger, obsession; learn to abstain, determination, wisdom think about it, if rebatemeaninginforex can have such a state of mind, in the process of investment benefit a lot to do trading is the most rare is when the transaction fails, to be able to sum up the experience and pick up confidence, and start again from scratch Dao Li is often easier said than done, we are the following from the longest see a few mistakes by analyzing the mistakes of others, to avoid their own In the future will make, as Newton said, people can only stand on the shoulders of giants to see farther failure caused by heavy positions: the reason for the transaction is to want to profit, the size of the profit depends on the size of the position, and the number of profit points to decide the reason for the heavy position is to want to get rich overnight, greed is at work, the end is mostly the end of the burst position, or can not take a long single, even if it is a very heavy position, and stand in the right direction, due to a small retraction on the loss of all the resulting regret and pain brought to the trader is very deep how to overcome this shortcoming? First of all, we should start with the concept of investment, which is not gambling, but a high probability of making fundamental and technical trades, and at the same time quit the psychology of greed from the bottom of our hearts. The time, or the blindness of trading, the thrill of gambling controls the traders brain, like someone saying they do not place a single will be itchy hands, in fact, is itchy random emotional single, which is the obsession, we need to increase their wisdom, with the logic of making money to understand trading, rather than using the logic of trading to understand making money, it seems that the market is full of gold, but do not know that all are traps, are the mouth of the devil we need We need to wait until the real opportunity to do a single What is the real opportunity, we think back to their most earned when the market has what characteristics, we were beaten by the market when the market is what characteristics of failure caused by not setting a stop loss: people are not sages who can not be fault, there is a correction is not to add precisely some of the more mature theoretical knowledge of investors, will be for a few times the failure of judgment, no timely stop loss was The market is eliminated forever, it is a pity, but when you think about it, it is also very reasonable, the market is a trend with oscillations, if the effect from the actual battle, 99% of the losses can be carried back, at that time there is always so 1% is not back, besides, even if it is carried back, will consume too much time costs, as well as the reverse profit opportunity cost of the transaction we should always not to stop loss above a few examples are The public is prone to mistakes, of course, everyone has some of their own problems, need their own patience to check, to change, to overcome only so that our trading road will be broader

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