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Why foreign exchange investors must learn to do fundamental analysis

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Let rebatemeaninginforex bestforexrebate rebatesinforexvestors to do rebateinforextrading of the best forex rebate is often handy, a variety of technical indicators of the use of the way each experience, but in the practical application, specific to the specific economic data and political events many people are a little confused, the fundamentals are the basic factors affecting the price of the currency, as foreign exchange investors can do a good job of fundamental analysis is very important & nbsp nbsp;Fundamentals that reflect the data of a countrys economic situation, that is, the general economic indicators, in addition to the economic growth rate, like the trade deficit, budget deficit, consumer price index, etc. Lin Lin all kinds of investors need to pay attention to the focus, these data will be regularly by the governments of the public, investors can analyze these data, from which to determine the future trend of the market Economic indicators After the publication of the currency trend by its influence, the strong may be stronger, may also turn weak; weak may be weaker, or turn strong, in showing the economic indicators for the market-driven (Marketmover) the true picture, so influential factors, involved in foreign exchange investors how can ignore it? So regardless of the correctness of the fundamental analysis to predict the future trend of the currency market, for a long time, fundamental analysis has indeed become an important reference for market participants to make investment decisions Todays foreign exchange market has become increasingly mature, the factors that affect the market trend is more and more complex, in addition to the fundamental content, market psychology, political unrest and other issues will have an impact on the market, therefore, in the investor The fundamental analysis of the market analysis should be used as the basis for a relatively long period of time to judge the trend, in the real world of foreign exchange investment, but also specifically combined with the means of technical analysis to choose the timing of the transaction

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