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You want to be a successful trader You have to have these qualities

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(a) successful traders never fantasy masters do rebatemeaninginforex do their own can not underst rebate rebatesinforexforextrading the trend, never force themselves to do a single, not fully sure will not take the hand cashback forexcause it best forex rebate a master, understand the trend of more, so always make money and low hand is always in a half knowledge of the rush to enter, or even a little shadow on the rush to add to expand profits, and ultimately lose more than win less once you put the money into the Once you put money into a certain species, and its not according to the original expected movement, how to do? The general public often imagine all kinds of reasons to "rationalize" this abnormal movement This rationalization to avoid the pain of cutting the assumption is extremely fatal, which is the main reason why many experienced speculators eventually had to throw up their hands and surrender A successful investor will never let emotions sway them, if any, the degree is also very small regardless of cutting the meat The successful trader never fluke fluke is the natural enemy of stop loss, but also the direct cause of big losses There is a principle investors must remember: when things bestforexrebate likely to get worse, what happens must be the worst possible outcome! This is the famous Murphys Law for this law, the more graphic explanation is: If there is a piece of bread on the table, the side of the bread has cream when the bread falls from the table to the expensive carpet, there must be cream on that side down many investors is stubborn, do not admit defeat in the wrong, do not know in the first time to solve the wrong single in hand, so that the error continues to perpetuate, the consequences can be imagined "I just dont believe it doesnt go up, I just dont believe it cant come down ......" This mentality should never be loss is an integral part of the investment process, the opposite is also true, to take profits in time to close if the market has reached your intended goal, timely profits The market has reached its intended target, in most cases, the market will not give you a second chance  (c) successful traders never heavy wrestling  masters never bet with the market heavy positions, only with the development of the trend to gradually increase positions in a planned manner, because he knows that the market trends often have unexpected places, long-term profitability is the chance to win and low hands are always anxious to get rich, heavy positions, although there is occasionally the right bet When the time, but long gambling will lose, and ultimately nothing; masters are not greedy, follow the rules of the pyramid to increase the code, regardless of the trend is good or bad, there are gains while the low hand is eager to increase the code to expand positions, and ultimately the market reversal, reverse victory for defeat heavy or full position operation although it is possible for you to quickly increase wealth, but more likely to let you quickly crash the accumulation of wealth is proportional to time, which is the consensus of domestic and foreign futures masters rely on small capital earnings to take The large wave of profits, the large fluctuations in the capital curve, which itself is an abnormal phenomenon, only into two back, steady pull up party is the way to success  (d) successful traders are never arrogant  modesty is not only a virtue, but also a kind of life wisdom, relative to the great market, a trader has no reason not to be modest U.S. securities history of the famous senior analyst card The famous senior analyst in the history of the United States securities, Kafero, had a record of 22 consecutive months of profit without loss; Beto 66; Stan had a single record of earning a billion dollars on Wall Street; and Mike 66; Howes had seven years of majestic Wall Street rich list first but their end is somewhat similar --- Kafero died with only Five dollars; Beto 66; Stan was hundreds of angry customers accused of fraud and went to prison for ten years, came out penniless, and Mike 66; House is even worse, he committed suicide at the age of forty-five bankruptcy Why would there be such an end? The reason is simple, they all have a common characteristic, that is, the probability of successful investment operations is always much higher than the crowd, but the strange thing is that in their best self-perception, self-aware of greatness, ninety-nine successes accumulated money but not withstand a "duel" loss caused by the loss of the more self-perception, full of confidence, the less likely to admit that they are in the market. The more self-conscious and confident you are, the less likely you are to admit you made a mistake in the market, and the more difficult it is to convince yourself to break your arm in time to stop the loss, the result is that there will always be a time to let you lose under the wheels of the market!   (E) successful traders are willing to be alone  almost all successful investors are loners they are bound to be loners! Because they often have to do and the public different things masters never big chase into, often in the trend of the horizontal position to buy boldly or decisively close positions, because he knows that the direction of the majority of the crossover is along the original direction and the trend is not possible continuous march and low hands are often afraid of reversal after the crossover, always too early out of the entry also like to chase into, so often set whether low buy high sell or high buy higher sell, they must maintain independent thinking, in order to be different and do the opposite of the public is extremely dangerous they must have a reasonable explanation of why the public may not be right, while foreseeing the consequences of using the opposite thinking will lead to, which gives them the confidence needed to be different if you follow the crowd, you will often enter the market at high points, low points out of the market, you will become a failure  (vi) Successful traders transcend themselves The purpose of a successful persons life is usually to transcend themselves, using the techniques of meditation, using the power of self-referral When you constantly imagine yourself reaching your goals is the scenario, the subconscious mind will guide the body to make those effects Success is a seductive word, she has attracted and always attracted countless people to go forward, to go through the fire of trading successful people are not born, and definitely Not trying to use some self-righteous speculative tricks to beat the market! It must be the crystallization of an unyielding soul after extraordinary diligence and genius of effort!  Success is a wisdom, success is a habit, success is a character, success is a concept, success is a pursuit, success is a belief, success is a determination success has a secret, but success is never a shortcut persistence makes you the road to success, wisdom helps you to open the door to success Bacon pointed out when he was talking about life: "habit is a tenacious The power of habit is amazing, habit can carry you to success, can also carry you slide to failure, how to choose, of course, ultimately depends on yourself!

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